3 Ways to Handle Unwanted Body Hair

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3 Ways to Handle Unwanted Body Hair

Is body hair making you feel like Sasquatch’s second cousin? The struggle is real. A recent study found that 100% of participants had some issue with body hair. Men and women alike can find hair to be problematic. Whether you have a small patch of hair that’s dulling your shine or you struggle with all-over hair growth, you don’t have to suffer in silence.

Here are 3 methods that can tame your body mane and help you put your hair in its place:

1. Laser Body Hair Removal

The word “laser” looks scary, but before you dismiss it as some sci-fi technique, you should know that it’s one of the most effective forms of permanent hair removal. It’s also a relatively painless procedure. Laser hair removal uses a high-intensity beam of light and pulsations to destroy hair follicles under the skin. It’s a concentrated form of hair removal and can be used almost anywhere on the body. However, laser treatment isn’t right for everyone. People who experience the best results usually have dark body hair and contrasting skin tones. This contrast in color is essential so the laser knows where to target.

2. Natural Hair Removal Remedies

There are several natural ways to get rid of unwanted hair, and some of these methods can be found in your own pantry:

  • Turmeric: This common yellow spice has long been used as a hair removal aid. It’s not an overnight wonder but rather acts as a gradual solution for reducing unwanted hair. You can make a paste of turmeric, milk, flour, and salt, then rub the paste on the affected area. Repeat this process often for the best results.
  • Safflower Oil and Thanaka: Blend safflower oil with thanaka powder to create a hair removal solution that also moisturizes the skin. Thanaka powder has been used in Burma for centuries as a hair remover. You can also substitute the safflower oil with Kusumba oil.
  • Raw Papaya: The Papain in raw papaya helps break down hair follicles to prevent unwanted hair growth. Rubbing papaya on your skin can also exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells.

3. Hard Wax

Hard wax differs from the warm, gooey wax most people are used to because it doesn’t require strips to remove the hair. Instead, hard wax beans are heated, then applied directly to the skin and removed by hand. The layer of wax on the skin is usually thicker than soft waxes and must completely harden before getting removed. Because of this, the total waxing process can take a bit longer. However, hard wax is usually less painful than traditional waxing and causes less irritation to the skin. Another bonus is that hard wax can remove shorter hairs more effectively than soft wax. The hard wax binds to the hair itself, so fewer hairs get left behind.

Get the Body You’ve Always Wanted

Removing unwanted body hair can be a freeing experience. It restores confidence and makes you feel like a whole new you.

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