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What is the p-shot?

Men, if you've lost your edge and your sexual performance isn't where you want it to be or you want more out of your sex life, a revolutionary new nonsurgical treatment has been helping thousands of men like you reclaim their swagger and reach new levels of enjoyment. The P-Shot, or Priapus Shot, can help with erectile dysfunction (ED), performance issues, and even increase sexual enjoyment without the need for surgery, medications, or costly procedures. Using a filtered and concentrated solution of your own blood, the P-Shot is a natural and effective way to help promote new cell growth and the formation of blood vessels for stronger erections, higher sensitivity, better stamina, and in some cases, even slight increases in penis size. At Starwood Med Spa in Frisco and Plano, TX, our experienced team offers the P-Shot to help men improve their sexual performance to achieve increased confidence. Contact us today to learn more about what the P-Shot can do for you and schedule a private consultation.

How Does The P-Shot Work?

The P-Shot uses an innovative treatment that has a wide variety of applications, from improving the health and appearance of the skin and restoring hair growth to cosmetic enhancements and healing joint injuries. This treatment draws a portion of your blood and spins it in a centrifuge to separate PRP (platelet-rich plasma). This PRP can then be drawn up in a syringe and injected into your penis, where it will stimulate new cell growth and improve blood flow. 

While most men may flinch at the idea of an injection into the penis, the procedure doesn't involve much discomfort. After your PRP has been harvested, a topical numbing cream is applied to the treatment area to ensure your comfort. Then the PRP is injected into strategic locations for optimal results. Some patients may see results within days, but generally, noticeable results begin to be seen within weeks.

Benefits of the P-shot include:

  • A treatment option for ED (erectile dysfunction) and post-prostate surgery
  • Improved performance
  • Increased blood blood
  • Stronger erections
  • Enhanced libido, sexual arousal, quality, and frequency of orgasms
  • Treatment for Peyronie's disease (curved penis)
  • Possible increase in penis length and girth

P-Shot FAQ

Does the P-Shot actually work?

Yes, it does. PRP therapy is widely used as an effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions. Many men have experienced dramatic results in both improving or reducing ED and increasing their libido, performance, and sexual enjoyment.

Will the P-Shot increase my penis size?

While most won't see a dramatic increase in size, the improved circulation from the formation of new blood vessels and cellular regeneration after a series of shots can improve girth with minor length increases. While results may vary, many men have been very satisfied with their P-Shot outcomes. Research studies have reported that some men have achieved up to 1 inch in girth and up to 1.3 inches in length.

Does the P-Shot hurt?

While some patients may experience mild discomfort during the PRP injections, your provider will numb the treatment area with a topical anesthetic before beginning the procedure to keep you as comfortable as possible.

How long does it take to see results with the P-Shot?

Results will depend on your physical condition, and each man's body will react differently to the P-Shot. That said, some may see results within days. Others will see gradual improvements over a couple of weeks.

How soon can I return to my normal routine?

For most patients, we will recommend up to a week of rest and recovery before you get back to your usual routine. During your consultation and after your treatment, we will give you detailed aftercare instructions.

How long do the benefits of the P-Shot last?

While many patients can expect their results to last up to 18 months, the results of the P-Shot aren't permanent.

Can I have more than one P-Shot treatment regimen?

Yes, you can. To maintain your results, we may recommend a maintenance treatment every year and a half to two years. Since you are using your body's own PRP for the treatment, it is safe and effective to have multiple treatments.

Enhance performance, naturally

The P-Shot is a safe and effective treatment to address performance issues related to ED (erectile dysfunction) and other problems or if you want to simply improve your sex life. By using your body's own healing powers, the P-Shot has enhanced the lives and boosted the confidence of thousands of men. Starwood Med Spa is proud to offer the P-Shot to help men in Frisco and Plano, TX, achieve better quality in their sex life to get the performance and enjoyment they want. If you're ready to take your game to the next level or reclaim your performance, contact us today to learn more about the P-Shot and schedule a private consultation. It's not just for you — your partner will be thanking you too.

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