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What is KYBELLA?

Women and men of all ages may be bothered by the appearance of a double chin, which can result from age, genetics, or weight fluctuations. Even a little bit of extra fat beneath the chin (or submental area) can lead to a weaker jawline and a less defined profile. Our team at Starwood Med Spa is thrilled to provide a nonsurgical method of diminishing neck fat known as KYBELLA. Made of synthetic deoxycholic acid (DA), KYBELLA is administered by our highly trained team into the upper neck area. It acts like the natural DA in the body to dissolve fat, reducing the appearance of a double chin and bringing greater definition to the jawline. If you're interested in attaining a slimmer neckline and haven't experienced success with diet and exercise, set up a KYBELLA consultation at our Plano or Frisco, TX med spa and explore this treatment option!

How Does KYBELLA Work?

KYBELLA works by destroying fat within the treatment area. While targeted fat cells will not regenerate, the remaining cells can become larger, making it important to maintain a healthy weight after KYBELLA injections to keep new pockets of fat from forming. The procedure takes about 15 minutes to complete and is comprised of a few small injections administered into the upper neck area. Most patients receive between 2 – 4 treatments to achieve their goals with appointments scheduled about one month apart. Optimal KYBELLA results can leave your neck looking tighter and slimmer and your profile more defined.

Diminish the Look of a Double Chin

Additional fat in the submental area often creates a double chin or unwanted fullness in the upper neck. KYBELLA injections at our Plano and Frisco, TX med spas can address these stubborn pockets of fat to create a more sculpted jaw and younger-looking facial profile. Schedule a consultation at Starwood Med Spa in Plano or Frisco, TX to learn about KYBELLA costs, benefits, and whether this revolutionary double chin treatment can help you reach your desired results!

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