Jawline Augmentation in Frisco and Plano, TX

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What Is Jawline Augmentation?

It is often overlooked, but a well-defined jawline can make a dramatic improvement to the overall aesthetic look of the face for both men and women. At Starwood Med Spa, our experienced team offers jawline augmentation (or jawline sculpting) using cosmetic fillers to help our clients achieve the look they want. Whether it's to strengthen a weak jawline due to genetics or lost volume from the effects of aging or to soften a jawline, this cosmetic procedure is fast and effective without the cost and downtime associated with plastic surgery. To learn more about jawline augmentation and to schedule a consultation, contact Starwood Med Spa today.

How Does Jawline sculpting Work?

During your consultation at Starwood Med Spa in Frisco or Plano, TX, one of our team members will examine your face and talk to you about your aesthetic goals. Then they can help you choose which fillers are best to meet those goals. Before the jawline sculpting procedure, a numbing topical cream can be applied to the treatment area, but most patients don't experience any discomfort during the injections. A typical treatment will take about 30 — 45 minutes. Some patients may experience mild swelling or soreness for a day or two after the injection, but this usually goes away quickly. After two weeks, we may ask you to come back in to check your results to see if any additional injections are needed to ensure symmetry and you're happy with the results.

Jawline Augmentation FAQ

Does jawline augmentation with cosmetic fillers hurt?

No, it doesn't. The needles used to inject the cosmetic fillers are very fine and most patients don't experience any discomfort. However, we can apply a topical numbing cream to the treatment area to ensure your comfort throughout the entire procedure.

How long does a jawline augmentation with fillers procedure take?

The procedure is very quick, often only taking about 30 — 45 minutes.

How long do the results from jawline sculpting last?

Most patients can expect their results to last about 12 — 18 months. We may recommend that you come in at 6 — 12 months for maintenance procedures to preserve your results?

Define Your Look

If you want to define your jawline, or soften the look of your jawline but don't want to undergo plastic surgery, jawline augmentation (or jawline sculpting) with cosmetic injections is a fast, easy, and effective option. At Starwood Med Spa, our skilled team has helped both women and men in Frisco and Plano, TX achieve stunning results with jawline sculpting injections. With little to no downtime, no scarring, a lower price, and amazing results, this alternative to plastic surgery is a perfect way to reshape the geometry of your face for better overall aesthetics. Contact us today to learn more about jawline augmentation using cosmetic fillers and to schedule a private consultation. Let us help you create the refined, defined, and more dramatic look you want.

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