The Reasons Why People Decide to Get Their Tattoos Removed

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In 2014, it was found that 1 in every 5 adults has a tattoo. That’s 20% of people with a tattoo! But sometimes a person changes their mind and decides that they no longer want the tattoo they have.

To get a tattoo removed, laser treatment is used. Laser treatment is used to treat a number of conditions, and it is very effective on permanently removing ink from the skin.

Why Do People Get Tattoos Removed?

If you’re wondering why people would want to remove a tattoo, there’s a whole number of reasons!

The Tattoo Was Bad

It seems like a no-brainer to remove a tattoo if it didn’t turn out the way that you wanted it to! Some common tattoo mistakes are misspellings and incorrect Roman numerals. Other times, the artist did not understand the vision of your tattoo and produced a less-than-desirable result.

You’ve Outgrown It

What you thought was cool when you were 18 years old isn’t always cool when you’re 50. If you have a tattoo of a band you loved in your teens, it’s very possible that you no longer identify with that type of music.

You’re Joining the Military

Some branches of the military have specific rules for whether or not you’re allowed to have tattoos; however, recently those rules are changing and becoming less strict.

Your Spouse Doesn’t Like It

Perhaps you think your tattoo is great, but when you get married your husband or wife isn’t as much of a fan. Also, many women decide that they don’t want their tattoo to show in their wedding pictures.

You Want to Switch Careers

The rules are getting more lenient as tattoos become less associated with negative things like gang activity or immorality. However, some jobs still won’t consider you if you have a tattoo that you can’t hide, or they might be hesitant to offer you a job even if you have tattoos that are able to be hidden.

It Faded

If the tattoo is placed somewhere that’s constantly facing friction, like the hands, it is more prone to fading. Even tattoos that are placed in low-traffic areas fade eventually and need touching up. Instead of touching them up, some people decide to get them removed altogether.

You Got It When You Were Drunk

Tattoo parlors are open late and see a high volume of people coming in who think that tattoos are a great idea when they’ve had one too many drinks. When they wake up the next morning though, it might not seem like such a stellar plan anymore.

Do Your Research

If you find yourself rethinking a tattoo that you got and decide that you’d like to remove it, don’t just get it removed at the first place that you find. If you don’t do your research, you may end up with a less than quality tattoo removal. You can wind up with scars that were just as visible as the tattoo itself was.

Make sure you go to a medical spa that you can trust. When you’re confident with the spa you’re going to, you can feel more confident and at ease about the entire removal process.

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