Diet and Exercise Not Working? Try Nonsurgical Body Contouring

Nonsurgical Body Contouring

We’d all like to look our best and show off that stunning physique we work so hard for. But exercise and diet aren’t always enough – even with great care and effort, they may not bring about our desired results. Alternatively, those who have made significant progress and shed those excess pounds may find themselves with areas that could use some tightening and recontouring. It’s perfectly normal to feel that way, and there’s no reason to feel it’s your fault; it’s just basic biology.

At Starwood Med Spa in Frisco and Plano, TX, we proudly offer the state-of-the-art Venus Legacy™ system to help you achieve the voluptuous figure or the sculpted physique you fantasize about. So, contact us today, or pay us a visit at one of our practices, to find out how we can best serve you.

Venus Legacy provides proprietary skin-tightening, collagen-stimulating effects

It’s inevitable that our exercise and dieting efforts become harder to maintain as we age and may no longer provide the same body-shaping effects they did in our younger years. And even if we try our hardest to adhere to healthy living standards, our work, family, and other life obligations may make it hard to achieve the desired results.

And that’s precisely why the FDA-approved Venus Legacy body contouring treatments can be such a game-changer. This nonsurgical body contouring treatment offers all the benefits and none of the drawbacks of more involved, outdated cosmetic procedures. Of course, this treatment isn’t meant to replace daily activity and eating right. But it offers a boost for individuals who are at or near their ideal weight but suffering from particular aesthetic woes. These include cellulite, loose, saggy skin, or “empty-looking” areas around the body.

Benefits of the Venus Legacy body contouring system

Venus Legacy utilizes a proprietary and revolutionary technology that combines the skin-boosting effects of radiofrequency energy with pulsed electromagnetic fields, which are nonthermal in nature but amplify the therapeutic effects. Together with the exclusive VariPulse™ technology, this comprehensive, multistage approach delivers heat deep into multiple layers of tissue. The result is increased circulation, lymphatic drainage, collagen production, and even a bit of fat-burning.

Treatments generally take only 30 – 40 minutes. They are proven safe and effective, as the energy is focused right where it’s needed and does not cause any thermal damage or adverse reactions in surrounding tissues. And its noninvasive nature means no downtime for you, so you’re not sidelined from work or the leisurely activities you love. The results are long-term and last as long as you maintain your shape. Therefore, it’s recommended that you continue with some sort of daily activity and make the proper dietary choices.

Reach out to us today for voluptuous curves or a chiseled physique

Past patients can’t stop praising Venus Legacy and its multitude of benefits, both immediate and long-term. After the treatment, your skin will appear revitalized and exude a glowing radiance and healthy suppleness. And as your skin tightens and new collagen forms, you’ll enjoy a more curvaceous figure or a fitter frame. So, contact our expert team today at Starwood Med Spa in Frisco and Plano, TX!

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